Teaching Tuesdays

Teaching Tuesday {Spring Fever}

It’s Springtime and the weather has been fluctuating between cold and rainy and warm and sunny. We try to spend as much time outdoors as possible in the preschool where I teach, and we love our outside time. Bubbles are a particular favorite of mine and my students who have dubbed me the “Bubble Queen!”

Recently we ordered butterfly larvae (caterpillars) and watched as they formed into chrysalises (not cocoons, those are for moths!) and then finally, into beautiful butterflies. We ordered painted lady butterflies; the kids checked on them each day to see how they’re doing. This promoted their scientific inquiry and we got to use a lot of science language, such as “hypothesis,” “observation,” and I even had them talking to their parents about “metamorphosis!”

We have been gardening a lot lately and stumbling across all sorts of bugs and spiders, but roly-polies and caterpillars are the favorites. I certainly have been enjoying Spring with my little Bumblebees!




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