Friday Five

Friday Five {Pineapples}

It’s El Niño season here in California, and it has been pouring rain all day. It’s been raining on and off for the last few weeks, and while I know we need it (hello, drought, here’s looking at you), I am missing the warmer weather. And what is better for tropical warm weather than pineapples?! They’re my recent obsession. I’ve gathered a small collection of pineapple items I either own or would like to own to help you get into the tropical indoor mood even if the weather outside is less-than-sunny. Here goes: 

one|pineapple jar 

This lidded pineapple jar from Amazon is number one on my current wish list! It’s super cute and I plan on purchasing two. At $23 a piece, I think they will find their way into my home quite soon!

two|pineapple kitchen towel 

I just ordered this as an add-on to get free shipping but it’s so cute, I had to share! Each towel is $2.50 from Target, which is great if you need to reach their $25 minimum purchase for free shipping, or if you love pineapples and brights! 

three|tiny pineapple pillow

This is another wonderful add-on item from Target, as it is currently on sale for $3.99! It’s super cute for little ones who are looking to brighten their day! 

four|gold foil pineapple print

This one is from Etsy; it’s $24 for an 8×10 print, and it’s so cute! Perfect for a guest bedroom or to jazz up a library area! 

five|pineapple makeup bag

I bought this train case makeup bag from Target a few weeks ago. Can you tell I’m obsessed with Target as well? But who isn’t?! Haha. It’s portable and fits perfectly with the rest of the things on my dresser! For $16.99, it was such a good buy! 

All you need is a piña colada and a few cute pineapple items and ta-da! Inside seems like tropical paradise, sort of… 😉 

Have a wonderful Friday! 



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