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Hiking {Adventures}

Last Sunday (for Valentine’s Day), we headed into the forest for a morning hike. It was so peaceful and lovely. The sun was out and there were hardly any other people around. It almost felt like we had the forest all to ourselves.  
The recent rain definitely helped the greenery at Forest of Nisene Marks in Aptos, California. There were a lot of dead plants because of the drought, but the recent El Niño rains have spruced things up a bit!  
These are my new hiking shoes I just purchased and I love them! Usually I have to break in new shoes but these were comfortable our very first hike! They’re Merrell Women’s Azura Hiking Shoe, and you can buy them on Amazon for just $51!  Not bad for Merrell hiking shoes! Plus, they’re my favorite color so it was a win-win, really.


We stumbled across a few beautiful wildflower blooms that have inspired me to look into buying a wildflower guide! We also saw my love’s college mascot, the banana slug!

It was a wonderful way to begin our Valentine’s Day and look at how happy we are:

I asked for more adventures and he is certainly is giving me the best adventure yet – his love. We love exploring and adventuring this beautiful world together! I can’t wait to see where our next adventure takes us!



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