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Basketball Game {Adventures}


This past weekend, we went to see the Santa Cruz Warriors play the Rio Valley Vipers, and it was such a fun experience!

I had never been to a basketball game before, but we love watching the Golden State Warriors at home, so we were sure going to a game would be fun. The Santa Cruz Warriors are a part of the NBA’s D-League, so their tickets were much cheaper than Golden State’s but it was a fun experience with people I love!


The Santa Cruz Warriors were down 2-8 points for the majority of the game, but caught up just in time and tied, went into overtime, tied again, and then went into DOUBLE OVERTIME! It was really intense, and then THEY WON!!!!!!!


We were really excited, especially considering we got two free Warriors shirts! They threw free T’s into the crowds periodically for fans to fight over grab. We managed to snag two!

Overall, it was a really fun night for about the same cost as heading to the theater. If you have a local D-League team, I would highly suggest heading to a game and enjoying an evening that’s not your average Friday night out! Plus, they may have a cool mascot like ours:


The turtle mascot was half the show, dancing and throwing tees into the stand! He was pretty chill.

What’s your favorite sport to watch live? Tell me in the comments!



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